Why We Love What We Do

At RM Realty our goal is to:

We look at being a newer and smaller brokerage is an advantage. Because of our size, we can collaborate in a very inclusive environment and do things many big box brokers simply can not.

As a small business, we love to support small businesses in our community. We create videos showcasing small businesses to highlight why people would want to live in the area. 

Over the past 28 years, we've seen the real estate market change many times and in many ways. We knew it was time to embrace the changes that were happening it today's technology.

Technology has completely changed the people search for homes. We saw a need for better digital marketing so we went all in on Facebook, Instagram, video marketing and much more.


RM Realty was born

We opened our doors to RM Realty in Spring of 2018 because we knew we could offer our clients more. We stay on top of the ever-changing market so our clients are the ones that benefit.

Located in on Main St. in Downtown Stillwater, we love that we're always right in the middle of all the hustle and bustle.

We Strive To Be Our Best


Our passion comes from our clients' home's story. We make sure these stories are told through eye-catching professional photography, video and a dedicated web page that captures the highlights of the home. We take that story and broadcast it to as many potential buyers as we can. We put the buyer in the home before they have even turned the corner down the street.


In our entrepreneurial quest, our intent will always be to do better and to do more. We strive to be the best for our clients and the community by being a company that values character, dedication, knowledge, creativity, and care. We want to be a resource in our community. It's not a coincidence we chose a location on Main Street. We want to be an accessible, local guide to you and the community we love so much.


Some of us at RM Realty have been in the industry for over a decade. We've learned having fun along the way makes what we do that much better. We love to laugh, crack jokes, and spend time together. At RM Realty we're a group of close-knit individual agents who believe in there is strength in numbers. When we genuinely care about each other and work together, not only do our clients benefit tremendously, but we do too!


Let Us Be Your Guide

We love our community and helping those in it. So, whether you are looking to buy in the area or ready to move onto your next adventure, our team at RM Realty will be your guide to help you get there.

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