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When "Mission Impossible" Becomes Possible: Justin's Story


When "Mission Impossible" Becomes Possible - A Client's Story

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Your best resource to help you navigate the ever changing real estate market through cutting edge digital marketing.

Your best resource to help you navigate the ever changing real estate market through cutting edge digital marketing.

Sep 11 3 minutes read

Richard met Justin by chance in June of 2016. Justin happened to be his mother's financial advisor. During a meeting with his mother and Justin, Richard handed him his business card. He looked at it and remarked, "You sell real estate?" Richard responded with an overwhelming "Yes" and added, "I help families find great homes."

Justin began to explain his frustration of trying to find "the right home" for his family. He had been looking on and off for a while to no avail. Richard looked at Justin and said, "I will find you and your family the right home." Richard did just that. Read what real-life client Justin had to say after his experience with Richard and RM Realty.

"The RM Realty Team will help you find the RIGHT house, not just a house, no matter how long it takes! This truly sums up our experience with Richard and his team.

 My wife and I desired vastly different qualities for our next home so finding a middle ground would prove to be no small feat. Richard was patient, he showed us many different homes and was extremely generous of his time and accommodating of our schedules. 

Over time Richard became a very trusted confidant to us in our home search. 


 We had previously worked with other agents prior to meeting Richard and all of them paled in comparison to his knowledge and expertise of the home search and purchasing process. 

 When you're looking in the Stillwater/Lake Elmo greater area you will not find an agent that has a better pulse on the day to day market than he does. Richard and his team live and work in the community and because of that, I'd argue no one knows the local housing market better. I will not forget the afternoon that Richard called me and said, "I found your home today." I knew he was onto something good for us as he is an individual that means what he says and follows through on it. We went and visited the home and in no time at all, we were putting an offer on it. It was truly the RIGHT house for us and he knew it! 

RM Realty did what I was starting to believe was "mission impossible".

They found a house that accommodated both my desires as well as my wife's and at a price point we could afford. RM Realty is patient, knowledgeable, and will find you the RIGHT house!

They helped my family, I'm confident they can help you also!

By the way, did I mention they then proceeded to sell my previous house in just one day!!"

What Else Our Client's are Saying...

For selling my home, the work her and her team put in was mind boggling.

Stephanie represented me for both buying and negotiating on a new home and then selling my existing property. Stephanie was outstanding through the entire process. Her integrity and work ethic is truly outstanding. Until meeting and working with Stephanie, I never thought a buyers realtor was necessary to help navigate the process. She proved, within hours of working with her that her expertise was well worth it. For the process of buying the new home, I can confidently state that Stephanie is a tenacious negotiator, a very strong advocate to her client, and also takes into consideration the factors that may be on the seller side. For selling my home, the work her and her team put in was mind boggling. The staging of the house, the photos, the advertisements, the open houses. We had three offers to consider within 36 hours, which was unheard of for the area at the time. Stephanie worked with me daily to step through the stressful process. For both buying and selling, Stephanie created an environment where I felt secure of the process and confident. Stephanie was able to navigate multiple atypical experiences and put together packages for both transactions that were fair, equitable, and worked in our best interests. I truly could not be happier with my experience with Stephanie; I will forever hire a buyer/seller agent to navigate the process and I will recommend anyone interested in making a change or move to contact Stephanie. She truly is an outstanding person and professional.

Amid a crowded field of agents, she is one who truly stands out.

Stephanie helped me find a beautiful property, exactly what I was looking for, and gave good advice about how to compete in a bidding situation. She was always available when I asked for appointments, always on time, and always professional and personable. I can highly recommend her as an agent. She knew the area and gave good recommendations and advice. It was truly a pleasure to work with her. Amid a crowded field of agents, she is one who truly stands out. Thank you, Stephanie.

Richard and his team got us the highest price for our home on top of selling our home so quickly.

After a miracle organ transplant at the Mayo Clinic, we needed to sell our 5-acres and colonial home in Stillwater as soon as possible because of my medical situation. We interviewed 4 Real Estate companies to get a feel as to how the processed worked. We were amazed at how poor 3 of the companies performed especially as they showed us 'comparables' in our area to determine the worth of our home with a lower asking price than we had hoped. The 'comparables' were not even close to our homes' description. The real estate companies said that our house wouldn't sell unless we removed a certain antique lamp or removed this or that. We spent 4-years making the home 'move-in ready', with new appliances, floors, paint etc..Then, we received the 'shock' of the news that we had to install an expensive new septic system even though ours worked fine. Radon tests, well tests, structure tests and on and on. In our naivete, we thought we could sell the home on our own! We were also told that our home, being a bit out in the country, would take 3-4 months to sell. We really needed to sell and move on. After many prayers, a 'super-hero' real estate agent showed up named Richard McDonough. He was a man of few words but had a great focused attitude as he assessed our home, personal situation and how to get the fairest price for our home. He brought in his 'A' team and they went to work helping us navigate the complicated world of selling 5-acres in the country and all the new compliances that the county imposed on us.  With very little staging, Richard's team prepared the photos for our first listing. We were looking at a long process of 'showings' and inconveniences and were anticipating a long adventure. Richard called and asked if he could show our home to some clients of his before we formally listed our home with MLS. His instincts told him that they might be a perfect fit for our home. Trusting him totally, we agreed. He showed our home to that first couple that entered our home and they bought it on the spot! Now you might say, you should have listed the home and had a bidding war but, Richard brought the perfect buyer to our home! The couple didn't have to sell their home to buy ours, they gave us our asking price, made no special demands and wanted to move in soon. Looking at a dream opportunity with the perfect buyer, we sold our house in about an hour! What a gift! It allowed us to move on with our lives and waste no time with our future dreams. In retrospect, his competence and extensive experience selling homes in the Stillwater area paid off for us. After all comparisons with the 3 other real estate brokers were made, Richard and his team got us the highest price for our home on top of selling our home so quickly. We were blessed to move into our new Arizona home before Christmas. Thank you, Richard McDonough and Team.

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