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Haunted Places in Stillwater

Richard McDonough Realtors
Dec 13 3 minutes read

As Halloween approaches, ghost stories and legends of mysterious hauntings become more popular. With its rich history and being the birthplace of Minnesota, Stillwater is no stranger to the paranormal. Whether or not you believe in ghosts or apparitions, there is always some curiosity for things that go bump in the night. Here are 5 places in Stillwater that are rumored to be haunted.  Happy Halloween!

1. The Warden's House

Located on Main St. in Stillwater, this now museum was once home to 13 different wardens spanning from 1853-1914. The last warden to live at the house was Henry Wolfer. Wolfer had a daughter named Trudy who eventually moved to Blue Earth Minnesota. About 8 months after giving birth to her son, Trudy became sick with appendicitis and passed away. Her young son was sent to his grandparents and lived in the Warden's house until they moved out in 1914. Rumor has it Trudy now haunts the home still searching for her son. 

2. The Arcola High Bridge

Located just north of Stillwater, this stunning five arch bridge extends over the St. Croix River from Minnesota to Wisconsin. There have been several reports over the years about a blue light appearing, glowing from one side of the bridge to another. Stories of the source of the light have varied. It has been said that the light is the lantern of a farmer who went mad, killed his family and burned his house to the ground. There have been other claims that it is the ghost of a night watchman who jumped to his death, fleeing from an oncoming train during the World War I era. And some say it's just the ghost of a farmer looking for his cow. 

Cite: Ripple in Stillwater

3. Water Street Inn

Built in 1890, this Inn was once called, "Lumber Barons". Rumor has it that an alcoholic Confederate soldier passed away on the second floor in a southwest suite. Guests have reported a smell of a strong musk in the area, some have claimed to have seen a young man wearing a Confederate uniform but disappears when confronted, and others have claimed to hear babblings of an intoxicated man even though no one is around.  Why there would be a Confederate soldier still wearing his uniform in a northern hotel 25 years after the Civil War ended is a bit of a mystery, but it's fun to hear the story anyway. 

4. Pole Barn Dance Studio

Located on Water Street, the Pole Barn Dance Studio was once a hardware and grocery store. Men and children's voices have been heard in the building. St. Croix Paranormal conducted investigations on this property and have recorded various voices. The origination of these hauntings is not known, but they are supposed to be friendly spirits. 

If you want to learn more about hauntings and ghost stories in Stillwater, take a historic tour with Stillwater Ghost Walks and have a scary time!

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